What did AutoMat achieve in the anniversary year of 2023

2023 was a special year for us at AutoMat, as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our efforts for a better public space for all.

They not only organized a celebratory party, but also gave us anniversery merch and an anniversary website, on which we reflect together with various personalities and with you on the future of the capital city, recap our activities, evaluate and remind AutoMat’s cooperation with artists. How far have we come in two decades and what awaits us? Take a look and share with us your vision of Prague in 2043.

Our achievements for 2023

Laboratory of Sustainable Urbanism (LAB)

In addition to anniversary activities, our LAB has been closely following the events in and outside the capital throughout the year and has published a number of outputs. He implemented a large (and the first of its kind) questionnaire survey on the perception of cycling infrastructure, in which 1,200 respondents participated. We compiled the results into a research report, summarized them in an article and sent them to journalists and politicians. The research continued with group interviews, observations in selected locations and submission of more than 80 proposals for infrastructure improvements. At the same time, we successfully participated in the first part of the CEAML Central European research project. We have launched a new geodatabase in the City by Bike map and are tracking problem spots for cycling. We have prepared an analysis of traffic accidents involving cyclists in the capital for 2022 and a brochure entitled Pandemic as an opportunity to change traffic habits. We also submitted a number of comments, for example in the framework of the EIA procedure regarding the continuation of the construction of the Prague ring road between Ruzyně and Březiněves, about the spatial study of Palmovka and the territorial plan change at Hradčanská or about the form of reconstruction of the cycle path in Podolí. At the national level, we were actively involved in commenting on the new building ordinance. Thanks to our efforts, the basic number of parking spaces for cars has been reduced and, on the contrary, parking spaces for bicycles have generally appeared. We also prepared an analysis of non-motorized solutions for the reconstruction of the Railway Bridge and sent an open letter to the capital’s climate commitments, to which we patiently await the promised response.

World Bicycle Day Ride and festival Through the City

On World Bicycle Day on June 3, we organized the already traditional World Bicycle Ride, for 2023, connected with Cycle Ringing. Both events together attracted approximately 700 cyclists of various ages, who rode through Prague in the company of representatives of the UN and many embassies, including the Dutch one. In this way, we celebrated the means of transport that the UN declared to be the official tool for combating climate change. In the fall, our autumn show of documentary films about transport and urban planning Městem (Through the City) took place. As part of our anniversary this year, we dedicated its 4th year purely to the issue of bicycle transport, which is a topic that attracted an enormous number of spectators. We screened a total of four foreign feature films and one Czech short film. There was also great interest in two subsequent debates with filmmakers, politicians, experts or the Dutch ambassador.

None of the outputs of our LAB would have become a reality without our experts, friendly organizations and other collaborators, but also without our donors. You can support our long-term efforts for better cities at www.nakrmteautomat.cz. Thanks!

Zažít město jinak 

This year’s neighborhood festivities Zažít město jinak was also a jubilee. They were held in almost 200 locations across the country for the eighteenth time! On that occasion, we interviewed witnesses who were at the first year in 2006. For the jubilee neighborhood party, we chose the motto Ulice do gala! And a large part of the organizers took him as their own. All over the country, streets, backyards, parks, clearings and squares have been transformed into welcoming public spaces for everyone. In Prague alone, we covered more than four Wenceslas Squares, which thanks to the festivities were transformed into places for community and neighborhood meetings, culture, but also education and civic activism. The festivities, which are unparalleled in their scale in Europe, attracted a number of regular and new organizers this year, to whom we thank them very much. Without their enthusiasm and hard work, the third Saturday in September, which is traditionally the main date of neighborhood fun within the framework of the European Mobility Week, would not be exceptional in our cities.

It was challenging, but beautiful! We at AutoMat thank you very much! Without you visitors, performers, local organizers and donors, the Zažít město jinak festivities would not be possible. The event could not remain independent, non-commercial and accessible to all. Help us overcome neighborhood barriers too. Support the organization of the event at www.nakrmteautomat.cz. Thanks!

Do práce na kole (Bike to Work)

Over 25,600 people from 2,500 companies and 52 host cities were active in this year’s 13th year of the country-wide May Challenge. Together, they covered more than 5,729,000 km and thus saved 739 tons of CO2 (compared to the same distance traveled by car). Typographer Jan Charvát was the author of the design of this year’s May Challenge. In the Cycle Employer of the Year 2023 poll, we honored 17 companies across the Czech Republic. Hradec Králové became the 2023 Cycling city, Ostrava is historically the second Bike to Work Cykloskokan, and Otrokovice entered the Hall of Fame for the second time. As part of the evaluation of cycling cities, this year we also used the unique tool CykloRank Česko for the first time, a ranking that ranks Czech cities according to the ratio of cycling infrastructure to the length of the road network. We also directly participated in the creation of CykloRank. The 6th year of the January Challenge attracted over 2,000 people across the country, and the 7th year of the September Challenge, which this year was favored by exceptionally warm weather, covered a total of almost 114,000 kilometers as part of 12,600 active routes registered in the Bike to Work system.

None of the Bike to Work challenges could take place without active local and corporate coordinators, participants, but also without our donors. You can support the challenge and long-term efforts of the AutoMat association for better cities at www.nakrmteautomat.cz. Thanks!


In March, we established cooperation with ZŠ Grafická in Prague’s Smíchov. Together with our Laboratory of Sustainable Urbanism, we have planned routes for individual classes.

During April and May, there were interactive walks for first grade classes. For each class, the program was prepared according to the age and number of children after consultation with the class teacher. On the walk, the children learned to cross safely in places without pedestrian crossings. They also participated in a survey of the types of means of transport and the number of their representation in the given locality. They played games during which they realized the space requirements of passenger cars, bicycles and trams. They found out the advantages and disadvantages of individual modes of transport and their impact on the environment. And they also learned something about the history of Smíchov and its development in terms of transport, infrastructure and civic amenities.

In May, a series of videos, AutoMat’s guide to sustainable mobility, was shown for secondary school students, followed by a discussion with transport expert Vratislav Filler from the Laboratory of Sustainable Urbanism. After the screening and discussion, the children were given space to fill in a worksheet so that they could better remember the new knowledge and come back to it.

In May, we also organized a project day focused on safe cycling for children in the Na Dvorečku forest nursery school. The children learned, for example, what belongs to the mandatory equipment of a cyclist, got to know the basic traffic signs and tried to ride an obstacle course with a slalom.

During the summer holidays, we processed the feedback from the participants of the educational programs and updated the tools and worksheets.

From September to November, interactive walks took place in Prague 8 for classes from ZŠ Nad Šutkou. Mrs. Rambousková, the principal, approached us at the initiative of one of the parents of the school’s students.

Our educational programs are in accordance with RVP for primary schools. They follow the theme Man and his world and the sub-theme The place where I live. The programs also fulfill a preventive function in the area of ​​children’s safety when moving in traffic, whether as pedestrians, passengers in public transport or as cyclists. The project also fulfills the content of environmental education.

Project is realized with financial support of capital city of Prague.


None of our educational activities could take place without active teachers and other school workers, parents and children, but also without our donors. You can support the long-term efforts of the AutoMat association for better cities and a sustainable future at www.nakrmteautomat.cz. Thanks!




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