AutoMat is a Czech NGO that promotes a better environment for a good-quality of life in the city.

We support sustainable city development with the main focus on public, pedestrian and bicycle traffic (as well as the rational use of cars), human-oriented public areas and thoughtful urbanism solutions. We are inspired by European capitals and we encourage people to make a positive change to streets and public areas. We supervise and co-operates with local politicians, transport experts, architects, non-profit organizations, researchers, urban cyclists, seniors, artiststs and interested public to create a city we want to live in.

AutoMat was founded in 2003 as an informal platform, which in 2007 was transformed into a civic association. Currently, we are part of an international initiative to improve the situation in the cities part of the World Car-Free Network and the NGO Green Circle Association. We are also committed to the environmental organizations Code of Ethics and to the Principles of Transparency for NGOs.

Donate monthly for healthier & smarter cities

Please support AutoMat in our effort to make life in Prague and other cities happier, healthier and more neighbourly. We belive that a sustainable transportation and communities are the key.

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What we do

Contact Us

Site office

Mailing address (including invoices)
Auto*Mat, z. s.
Vodičkova 36, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: 212 240 666

Registered office of the association (i.e., address and taxpayer)
Auto*Mat, z. s.
Vodičkova 36, 110 00 Praha 1
registered with the Ministry of the Interior of 19. 09. 2007 under number VS/1-1/68 776/07-R
No: 22670319 / VAT: CZ22670319

Bank info (other than supporters gifts)
2601085491/2010 (Fio Banka)
IBAN: CZ57 2010 0000 0026 0108 5491

Bank info (supporters gifts)
If you want to support us other way than via „donation form“ please contact Ondřej Suk (

Bank account of AutoMat’s donors club (Fio Banka): 2400063333/2010


Statutory bodies

Managing Director
Martin Šotola

Financial Director
Václav Kugler

The executive board
Tereza Vohryzková
Michal Křivohlávek
Martin Šotola

Expert advise of AutoMat
Members – Jakub Hradilek, Jan Kotecký, Jakub Stránský, Adéla Brabcová and Jan Krčmář – guarantee the ideological development of AutoMat and also perform supervisory functions of the association.

Other contacts

Zažít město jinak (Different City Experience)
Martin Šotola

Do práce na kole (Bike To Work)
Jan Haruda

Sustainable Urbanism Lab
Michal Lehečka

Anna Kociánová
Jakub Holzer

Donors club
Ondrej Suk

Donations of companies and institutions
Michaela Číhalíková

GenerationU (education projects)
Lucie Poubová