Highway does not belong to the city

The North-South Highway (Severojižní magistrála) has been an ugly scar on the face of Prague for decades. But now, there is a chance to change that. The municipality has selected project designers for the reconstruction of the highway in Prague 2, but the project assignment is very vaguely formulated. Let's work together to ensure that the planned "humanization" is not just another wasted opportunity. Please support the AutoMat appeal. Visualizations, details of individual requirements and FAQs can be found on our new website (in Czech). Thanks!

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Who is AutoMat?

We are an association of professional enthusiasts and enthusiastic professionals who are concerned with improving the quality of urban life.

We support the development of sustainable transport, strengthen community relations and supervise the responsible and generally beneficial actions of city politicians and authorities. We bring inspiration from European capitals and activate people to positively transform streets and public spaces.

Together with you, we create the city in which we want to live.



What do we do?

Sustainable urbanism lab
We monitor Prague's transport policy and lobby for its long-term sustainability.

Bike to Work
We motivate employees to travel to work in a sustaible way.

Take Back Your Street
We bring neighbors together and revitalize the public space of cities.

Generation U
We educate new generations of children in kindergarten, elementary and high schools.

Městem na kole (City by Bike)
Urban cycling portal and route finder.



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What are we striving for?

The key to improving the quality of life in the city is a modern transport system that will offer all residents good conditions for efficient and pleasant movement around the city. Prague, which mainly supports inefficient car transport today, should offer more varied options for movement. Our mission is therefore to support and develop the use of non-motorized transport (by bike and on foot) and strive to improve public transport services.

That is why AutoMat cooperates with municipal politicians, transport experts, architects, non-profit organizations, researchers, artists, urban cyclists, seniors, parents and children – all Prague residents who are not indifferent to the appearance of their city. From the position of an independent supervisor and designer, we are dedicated to the development of infrastructure for bicycle transport, we promote specific measures to increase the safety and friendliness of streets for pedestrians, and we strive to remove various barriers in public space.

More about our mission

Thank you very much for your interest in what we do at AutoMat. We will inform you by e-mail about current events, invite you to events and challenges, and once in a while we will ask if you want to get more involved.

But most importantly – we want to establish a relationship with you and we hope to meet in person someday. Then we will be able to best tell each other what we can do for each other to make our cities more joyful.

Thank you

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