Zažít město jinak (Take Back Your Street)

In 2006, for the first time, we transformed Smetana’s embankment into an oasis of calm with an all-day program for locals and passers-by. Since then, the neighborhood festivities Take Back Your Street have found their way to all corners of the country, where they are organized by local residents, associations, local businesses, but increasingly also by municipalities. The largest event of its kind took place in 2023 in almost two hundred places across the country.

But the goals of the festivities remain the same all the time: they bring neighbors together and enliven the public space of our cities. It is precisely the active local residents who tailor an original program to their streets and are in charge of the entire production – all this voluntarily. For one day, parked cars will be replaced by concerts, theaters, workshops, games for children or recipes by local residents. AutoMat helps organizers with the negotiation of acquisitions, promotion, networking and passes on years of proven know-how.

The festivities take place every year on the third weekend in September. You can find all the information on the website

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