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You can handle Prague, but you would definitely appreciate a change for the better.

You approach driving on main streets with appropriate caution. AutoMat tries to ensure that busy streets with cycle lanes have shared paths, if possible in the form of legalized sidewalks. Furthermore, we want the basic cycle routes to be for everyone who rides a bike.

We work to ensure that everyone can travel sustainably and that our cities are healthier and more pleasant places to live. Will you help us in our endeavors?

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I want to support AutoMat!

Help us ensure independent and systematic work on sustainable mobility projects. We have to monitor the politicians from down up together.

Please consider especially regular donations - they allow us to work on a long-term and conceptually.

And now the promised reward – a 15% discount on anything from our e-shop (excluding the To Work by Bike entry fee). You can redeem the discount until the end of May 2023 and receive it by entering the following code:


We put all of our income from both the e-shop and your donations back into what motivates us and what we want to achieve – our vision:

Cities where you can breathe clean air. Cities that are friendly to everyone – people who walk, ride bikes, ride public transport or a car. Come and change the way you look at transport and public space with us! Join hundreds of people who are not indifferent to where they live. Become AutoMat’s best friends and support our activities regularly.

Do you want to help us and at the same time participate in what we will promote? Do you want to get first-hand information? Do you want a city that will be a joy to live in?

I will help you

Your finances will support the necessary negotiations on important transport and urban planning changes. And also the fact that when we are not alone, but with thousands of people standing behind a proposal, changes really do happen – as was seen in the attempt to limit cycling in Prague 1.

Join the ride, because together we can surely make a difference!

Do you want even more?

  • direct influence on our work and the choice of topics we will cover
  • registration in the Cycling To Work challenge free of charge (min. permanent order of CZK 150 per month)
  • invitations to all AutoMat events as well as events of our partners
  • a monthly fresh review on sustainable mobility initiatives
  • a tax-deductible gift certificate

… and a lot of other pleasant surprises that we are hiding from you for now. But don’t worry, you will find out everything from us in time.

I want to support the change